About Us

The mission of the Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee is to represent the interests of all adjunct faculty at UMBC. Supporting institutional integrity and adherence to ethical standards, the AFAC strengthens an institutional governance structure of active governing bodies, helps to define clearly the roles of institutional constituencies in policy development and decision making, and contributes to extend academic and intellectual freedom to all members of the UMBC community.

The UMBC Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee (AFAC) is an elected body charged with communicating adjunct needs and concerns to the campus administration, making recommendations related to adjunct professional development and working conditions, and providing advice in the development and implementation of policies and procedures related to adjunct faculty.
Our current committee members are:

Robert Bennett, AFAC Chair (bennerob@umbc.edu) English Dept./CAHSS

Paul Comitz                 (pcomitz@umbc.edu)  Information Systems Dept./COEIT

Nandita Dasgupta   (nandita@umbc.edu)  Math and Statistics Dept./CMNS

Bonnie Kegan                (bkegan1@umbc.edu)  Math and Statistics Dept./CNMS

Margaret Knisley          (megknisley@umbc.edu) Sociology, Anthropology, and Health Administration & Policy Dept./CAHSS

Maria Gomez-Rubio  (gmaria1@umbc.edu))  Modern Language, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication/CAHSS

Jill Vasbinder                   (vjill@umbc.edu)  Dance Dept./CAHSS

Priscilla Villavicencio   (lo4@umbc.edu)  Social Work, Shady Grove/Non-College
Waleed Youssef   (youssef1@umbc.edu)  Data Science/COEIT

CAHSS = College of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences
COEIT = College of Engineering and Information Technology
CNMS = College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences